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New West Valley Meetup [20 Aug 2009|06:20am]


Hi I'm Vicki,
I'm hoping some AZ locals will join the new http://www.meetup.com/Walking-Cycling  MEETUP GROUP I created cause
  1. how fun would it be to make new friends while getting fit?
  2. I want ideas on where to bicycle and walk in Glendale and the West Valley

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ALL AGES 2nite at the Trunk Space: Greenwich, Sister Cities, Win the Scene and DJ William F'ing Reed [20 Feb 2009|05:41pm]


TONIGHT!!! Free Sushi Records Label Launch Party!!!

with Greenwich, Sister Cities, Win the Scene

and DJ William F'ing Reed!!!

All Ages Show - 9pm - $8

at The Trunk Space - 1506 NW Grand Ave.,

Phoenix, AZ
- 602-256-6006

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camping [24 May 2008|11:40pm]

Hi there! I am looking to go camping later in the year, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any great places. I am looking for something very woodsy, some place that allows camp fires, and not a camp ground. I don't mind roughing it, in fact I prefer it. I wouldn't mind driving up to 5 hours, so if you know of some place a bit outside of AZ I would love to know! I used to have a place just south of Flagstaff, but it burned up in one of the fires a couple of years back and it hasn't grown back yet.

Thanks for your help!!
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FREE 2nite: Glamour Shot, The Rebel Set & The Early Black, Yucca Tap Room, Tempe, AZ [07 May 2008|11:58am]

I play drums in Glamour Shot, tonight is our first live performance, the show is FREE, doors at 9pm, we're the last of 3 bands to play. Hope to see you there!!!


Venue: Yucca Tap Room
Location: 29 West Southern Avenue, Tempe, AZ
Date: May 7, 2008
Time: 9:00pm
Price: FREE
Ages: 21 and Up
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5/7/08 Yucca Tap Room: Glamour Shot, The Rebel Set and The Early Black [19 Apr 2008|05:58pm]

flier behind cutCollapse )

Our first show: May 7th at the Yucca Tap Room (Mill & Southern in Tempe) With The Rebel Set and The Early Black. Show starts at 9pm
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Moving to Tempe Soon - Want Female Friends in their 20s [08 Apr 2008|06:12pm]

Hello everyone,

I'm a new teacher moving to Tempe the last week of May and I know absolutely NOBODY there. I'd like to start off with female friends because that would be much safer than male friends. I'm very loyal and have a great sense of humor. (If you like Family Guy, South Park, and Aqua Teen we'll get alone just fine.) If you have a dog, that's a plus too because mine will be coming with me. I also think we'll have more in common if you're also in your 20s.

Comment if you'd like to make a new friend.

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Report: Nation's Gentrified Neighborhoods Threatened By Aristocratization [03 Apr 2008|07:04pm]

I guess this is as good a time as any to let you know that Mony and I are now teamed up with The Correia Group and re-focusing our efforts on Real Estate. My particular focus is Commercial transactions, highlighting Downtown Phoenix...however we can and will still handle residential transactions too.

So, if you know anyone who wants to buy or sell a property, commercial or residential...please send them our way!

In the meantime, enjoy:

Report: Nation's Gentrified Neighborhoods Threatened By Aristocratization

WASHINGTON—The report claims that affordable upper-income condominiums and charming faux dive bars are being replaced with manor houses and private salons.
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Hello Hello Hello [14 Mar 2008|12:16am]

anyone still around? lurking in the shadows maybe
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peoria glendale phx- [15 Jan 2008|04:35pm]

anybody want a couple of ugly fishes?

my ex's old roomate was gonna put them in a bag with some chemicals to kill them-so i rescued them...seems like a shitty way to go and i have a soft spot for fishies.

But I don't want them. one is a little white oscar with no personality, pretty docile and doesnt bite unless you sic him on somebody. :)

The other is a silver goldfish about four and a half inches long...he is semi suicidal and requires a top on the tank...he has cut his lip twice trying to get out....he has a personality but is somewhat anti social. He goes a little nuts when you turn on the lights in the room. something tells me they werent very well cared for when they lived with their last owners and spent a lot of time in the dark. the oscar will develop color with the proper nutrition and plenty of light. they could also use some tank mates. I have them in a 45 gallon by themselves. I think they might also be bored with each other...

IF anybody wants them I will let you have em free (obviously) along with half a can of food. Otherwise the boys are going in lake pleasant next week. or tempe town lake. not sure yet.
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Engagement party [02 Sep 2007|06:43pm]

Hello everyone,

A friend of mine is coming to town to have a small engagement party. She went to high school here. We're talking 20-30 people. Not TOO fancy, but not crummy either. Maybe a place with cocktail tables to sit down, rather than one long table where no one can talk to each other? Hopefully a place that doesn't have a deposit, but where she can just order multiple trays and bottles of wine.

Budget is fairly limited.

Central Phoenix area, hoping, but not limited.

Does anyone have any ideas???

Thanks in advance!
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[23 Jun 2007|07:40am]

SO if you had gotten your panties (or boxers) ina bunch because of the price of gasoline is so fricken high...why would you let the guy working behind the counter have it.

Arizona is full of idiots. I see a scarily large group everyday.
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need an illustrator [25 Mar 2007|01:37pm]

I need someone to illustrate a kid's book for me ... um, that's not strictly correct. It's kid's book-esque, but it's not really for children unless their parents are particularly weird. 

It's been sitting on my desk forever and I just need somebody to draw it up so I can get it out there and hopefully sell some. It's a freetime project that might maybe make money ... but it's gotta get done first and I can't draw at all.
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2nite @ThePaperHeart: Feast of Fools Fantasy Masquerade Ball [24 Mar 2007|04:46pm]


Drawing inspiration from the Celtic Isles with legends of Faerie Folk and Elven kind and otherwordly enchantments that lay poised astride the borders of myth and mortal kin. The Feast of Fools Fantasy Masquerade is a creative adventure that abandons inhibitions and embraces the flights of fancy of poets, musicians and artistic souls that long for expression. Step into the fabled ring and part the veil between the worlds if you dare. Come Gentles and Nobles from far and wide. Cloak yourself in mystery and join us in a magickal night of revelry, music, dance and art.


Doors open at 8pm

Tickets: $20 presale / $30 at the Door

The Paper Heart Arts Venue
and Counter Culture Cafe
750 NW Grand Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007

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This Week: March 20th-25th @The Paper Heart [20 Mar 2007|11:12pm]


This Week: March 20th-25th @The Paper HeartCollapse )
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[14 Mar 2007|12:55pm]


This Week Mar. 13 - Mar. 19 at the Paper HeartCollapse )
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Phoenix First Fridays and Art Detour [02 Mar 2007|03:35pm]

Tonight is Phoenix First Friday, and for those of you who aren't already aware it is also the first night of the 19th Annual Art Detour in Downtown Phoenix.

Come visit us at Counter Culture Cafe in our new location inside of the Paper Heart Arts Venue

for more comprehensive guides check out the Phoenix New Times and AZcentral/The Arizona Republic. The Phoenix New Times also has a free print version of their Art Detour supplement available most places where New Times is normally distributed.
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Tonight @ The Paper Heart and Counter Culture Cafe [26 Feb 2007|06:14pm]

Starting at 8pm
February 25 thru Monday - February 26 
We are dedicated to work that addresses where we are geographically and philosophically, and are interested in investigating the places where these intersect on a mutually determined glocal table/playing field. As a collective, we are already born with many tongues, and some of us have two or three, which makes speech difficult but entirely possible. We are developing a style of performance that speaks to bilingual (and multilingual) audiences, utilizing subaltern, alternative modes of presentation, technologically and philosophically reconfiguring the dna of a post-consumer idea of a thought of a notion. We do not dance.

CENIZAS and DESEO the Paper Heart February 25 & 26th
CENIZAS, February 25th: multimedia performance en espanol
DESEO, February 26th: mutlimedia performance en vivo

We just performed CENIZAS at No Passport (Dreaming the Americas: Diversity and Difference in Performance) at CUNY February 3rd and DESEO at the PVCC X-Fest February 10th, so we're in shape for this...this will be the last chance to see these for awhile, so bring friends and take pictures.

Also note that my knee is swollen ridiculously, and can be seen totally nude in these shows. Warn the children.

Another more important note: now that the state language is being changed from Apache to Texan English, we are performing these works in Spanish and a little bit of ingles (pero no como el arbusto presidente, el hombre mas inarticulado en la historia de pseudo-Tejanos). Please tell your friends, and anyone interested in seeing work en espanol here. There are a few groups in the state, Teatro Bravo and Borderlands among others, who do this work, so it's very important to support these efforts with physical presence. I am told that I don't really speak Spanish anyway, so I don't count, pero ni modo, aqui estamos en un momento muy importante en la historia del suroeste, y por eso, vamos a luchar en la manera que sabemos, en performance. Y mas, en el futuro, nos preguntamos si otros lenguas seran ilegal aqui, como Aleman, o Hopi, o Navajo, o Cocopah, y estoy muy confundido por que no tengo antepasados de inglaterra, entonces, por que es necesario para mi a hablar en ingles, y solamente ingles? huyyyyy, que raro, pero ven ven ven por favor, y ver que hay algo pasando aqui en este desierto, ok ok?

8pm $8.00
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Just moved in.. [11 Feb 2007|03:18am]

[ mood | drunk ]

Hey whats up you fun lovin criminals? I just moved back to phx from out of state, im looking for some chill locals to hang with and hopefully go see some good live music around the valley, I left before I turned 21 so I don't remember where the good venues were for a chill time and some excellent music. I love all kinds of music but I really love seeing good punk and ska bands live; im trying to see if I can make it down to Authority Zero this weekend with some friends before I get sent across country for my work. Hit me up if you're interested. Peace

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[03 Jan 2007|10:21am]

Its that time of year again.

Im looking for a new place to live...anybody got a room available to rent?

Im looking for Anything with clean (relatively clean is good) Not excessively partying people.
Without pets is best but I can handle dogs. NO cats or ferrets. Looking for my own bathroom but I will share if necessary.

Im looking for that average 400 a month range. if that includes utilities it is best.
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Just a reminder... [19 Oct 2006|02:04pm]

Get your punk rock fix TOMORROW when Misfits Records presents Fiend Fest '06 featuring legendary punk outfit the Misfits with a very special guest set by Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk (including MARKY RAMONE on drums and a member of BLACK FLAG) who will close the show. Joining them on the road are The Adicts, UK Subs, Juicehead and Orange. The must-see whirlwind tour hits Scottsdale on October 20th at the Venue of Scottsdale (7117 E. 3rd Ave., Scottsdale). Doors will open at 7 PM for this all ages show.

AZPunk.com is giving away tickets, so head over there and sign up now.

And The Blaze 1260 AM has tickets to give as well, so head over there to listen and win!

Out of respect, the flyer is under the cut…Collapse )

Sorry if you get this multiple times
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